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Emergency Work
As we all know, emergency electrical maintenance is one of the basic aspects on maintaining overall performance of a home. Electricity allows our appliances to function well. In addition, it makes our tasks more productive and everyday life...
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Domestic Work
Having electrical problems at home could be risky. You may not know what harm it could bring to your family. We understand these scenarios and we are prepared for whatever circumstances that we may encounter. If you have electrical...
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Commercial Work
Commercial electricians deal with major establishment installations, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. This kind of electrical work varies greatly from household work. The most different task is of the electrical power involved and the codes...
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Our electrician are guaranteed to arrive on time to take on electrical problems of all sorts.
Electrical Professionals in the Area You Can Count On
We offer lots of electrical services and we guarantee that we will fix problems for you no matter what caused them.

Alexandria Electrician

Ensuring that your business establishment or home is in perfect condition is of very high value to us. Alexandria Electrician aims to preserve a risk-free environment for each and every client we encounter. We deliver results professionally and comprehensively. We are always ready for any possible breakdowns anywhere you may be.

We Search Far and Wide for these LED Globes that are as Good if not Better than Standard Halogens

A client of mine, Ben in Alexandria, called us, saying that he was fed up with his halogen down-lights. He has quite a number of these in his house, almost 50 I think, and he felt as if he was changing each globe about every 2 or 3 days. Now, with halogen globes, they generally last about 2000 hours, so once you buy these from the supermarket, and if they are on for 5 hours a day, they will last for approximately 400 days. SO by the time that you buy 50 down-lights, you will be replacing one every week and then, they will still not last for as long as you would like. Now the new globes are LED lights, the problem with this, is that these are very new in the market, and there are a lot of bad light fittings and light globes. But we have managed to find a brilliant globe, we found a 7 watt LED globe that is fully dimmable. It works with a standard transformer, fits into a standard light fitting, and it is the most reliable light fitting around. These globes will last 20 times longer than the standard halogen globe, with exactly the same warm white color. They are 90% as bright, thus they are generally a really good light and the only LED light that I will recommend. So if you have had enough of constantly changing down-lights. As
you know,there are other consumable parts in the down-lights, which could have caused the light to blow, this being the transformer or the lamp holder. We will be happy to repair this and get the halogens working properly.

So if you have problems with your halogen down-lights and you want us to fix them or you want us to show you these new LED’s that you do not want to have problems with and you are in the Alexandria area or even if you have any other electrical problems or electrical emergency in the Alexandria area, just call us on the number at the top of this screen and we will be happy to serve you and do whatever you need us to do. Thanks and have a good day.

We offer a 100% assurance on electrical parts and labour

We fully support our work and this is the main reason for giving a 100% assurance on all of our expertise for a lifetime. In case you come across a similar electrical predicament, we will resolve it FREE of charge. In addition we will increase the manufacturer warranty twice, thus making it a FULL YEAR of service. At Alexandria Electrician, we believe on high quality and unmatched services when it comes to other competitors. We will always follow our work ethics and our morals.

What you can expect from us:

  • We guarantee 100% on all electrical work for a lifetime. We are true to our services and know that you deserve the best. We are always ready to accommodate your needs. Plus we fix reoccurring problems for free
  • We present a comprehensive safety evaluation at no charge. We ensure that your workplace or dwelling is in perfect condition. Also, right after every job we give an evaluation so customers can rest, assured from possible problems at home or at work
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just to accommodate your demands. Our fast and hospitable electricians are only a phone call away
  • We offer a risk-free guarantee. We have a simple no quibble guarantee.  We double the warranty on all materials that we deliver
  • We are very strict with time so you can guarantee that we will arrive on or before the time set. Once you set an appointment with us, we will call you with at least half an hour notice before our exact time of arrival. If ever we arrive late for more than 1 minute, then we will give you a $50 price cut on any kind of tasks being conducted
  • We work honestly with fixed price jobs. We value the budget of our client and offer a unique customer satisfaction. If ever the problem still is not solved then we will give you a duty with free quotation
  • We will be there on any urgent or emergency job. If ever we do not reach your residence within 2 hours then we will pay out the commission of $50
  • We clean our own mess when working and if you are not satisfied then we will hire and pay a cleaner for you
  • We are licensed and insured electricians. We deal with electrical works particularly in lighting and power, switchboard enhancements, antennas, telephone, data, smart wiring, hot waters, stoves, rewiring specialists, home rehabilitation experts, 3 phase power upgrades, smoke alarms, security alarms and much more

Alexandria Electrician offers quality and excellence in the field of work

We are proud to say that we are already catering quality service for 15 years in Metro Sydney. Our licensed and insured electricians offer unique assistance that outruns other competitors at a fair price. We pride ourselves for top class service and customer satisfaction.
Alexandria Electrician has already built a reputation of customer service well over the other electricians. Our electricians undergo intensive training, making sure our customers experience utmost comfort while we are working. Alexandria Electrician is your best choice in Sydney for top quality and excellence in the field of work.

We work best with upfront pricing

Before we proceed with the task, we make sure that the agreed contract will be followed. We have the best quality services available. We have a truck on standby with over $5000 worth of standard electrical materials. We are straightforward with agreements and assure no hidden or extra charges. Alexandria Electricians are trained to get the job correct the first time, whether it is a repair or installation.

Certified Professional Electricians Policy

No nonsense! Only the best electricians are selected. Alexandria Electricians are always up to date with the latest Electrical Codes and methods. We make sure that our electricians are well-ordered; background-checked, drug tested and have overall safety. Our electricians are friendly and polite. We will serve you with ease and comfort at home.

We Are Certified

We are a Certified Tidy Tradie
We care about people's property
We use surface protector mats

What People Say About Us
Just wanted to let you know I was very impressed in the manner in which the works were done. The electrician came when you said they did and cleaned up after themselves. I am so pleased that I would recommend you to anyone needing electrical works. M. JasonAlexandria
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